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DIY Outdoor Kitchen

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

DIY Outdoor Kitchen

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Are you dreaming of building an outdoor kitchen and food prep area for summer entertaining? Here’s what you’ll need to make outdoor entertaining a bit easier this summer.

What Do I Need to Build an Outdoor Kitchen?

You can use a variety of tools to cut and assemble your outdoor kitchen, but power tools help the job go more quickly than hand tools. You’ll be cutting angles, so a miter box, a circular saw with adjustable cutting angle, or a miter saw are needed.

A pair of clamps holds glued pieces together while you fasten them. This will make sure the pieces don’t slide while you’re fastening them.

A screwdriver or powered fastener.

What Type of Wood Should I Use?

Western red cedar is naturally insect and water resistant, but you can use any type of lumber you’d like. If you use Douglas fir or some other type of non-treated lumber, you’ll want to protect it from the elements with a stain and sealer. You could also prime and paint your finished project using an exterior paint in any color you’d like.

And while there’s a parts list with the project plan, you’ll still end up cutting some boards for length. Getting the shortest boards you need will save you money and time cutting lumber to size.

What Type of Fasteners and Accessories Should I Use?

Because you’ll be keeping your project outdoors, you’ll want corrosion-resistant fasteners. Stainless steel screws will work for this project. And if you’re going to attach casters to make the kitchen mobile, make sure they’re for outdoor use too.

Your Outdoor Kitchen Plans

Thanks to Real Cedar for the plans!